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NEDEVCO® Consulting 

Providing direct business, strategy, and design consulting services for transforming your business, organisation structure or concept designs into workable solutions...


Supporting all aspects of your business, we effectively remove barriers and obstacles for transforming your vision, culture, structure or designs into professionally implemented and fully manged solutions or processes.

Working alongside your team, we provide the executive, project marketing and design management skills, to cover every aspect of your business, transforming your business trajectory and life cycle; including strategic growth, company Startups, marketing, structure, acquisitions or divestitures.


With over 25 years of world-class executive development experience, we continue to provide world class levels of support for developing change in organisation structure, business development, concept, and product life cycle.




Located in the North East of England, Nedevco® specialises in supporting both local companies within the North East of England, but also throughout the rest of the UK and Europe.




Professional consultancy services in supporting all areas of Visualisation, Business growth, Startup, Marketing, Planning, Structure, Acquisitions or Divestiture, and R&D Concept / Design.




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